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My Protection Tape can be used to protect the paint or surface's on cars, motorbikes, boats, bikes etc. from damage such as stone chips & wear and tear from normal use on door edges, sills, bumpers, boot lips. Foot rub marks on motorbike frames & on bike crank arms. Protect your bike frames against chain-slap, cable rub marks etc. Golf clubs - Top of Driver heads
The list goes on and on
basically too many uses to list here.
 Gloss Paint Protection Tape
Use this for ultimate invisible protection

Thickness 0.30mm with backing layers & 0.22mm without


Completely optically clear - when it's applied it will disappear


Gloss Protection Tape can be used on anything with a shinny surface - painted or laquered surfaces of any material. This tape is thinner than standard 'Helicopter' style tape which is 0.36mm thick but just as hard wearing and because it's thinner it is better at bending round complex cuvres.
Rhino Matte Paint Protection Tape
Use this for ultimate invisible protection on Matte & Anodized parts

Thickness 0.22mm with backing layer & 0.15mm without

Matte Protection Tape can be used just the same as gloss tape but on matte surfaces this stops the 'shinny look' you get when applying other standard protection tapes.
This is the Rhino Matte going on my Boardman Pro Alloy MTB
This is the Rhino Matte going on my 'Bare' finish carbon road bike
See how invisible it is once applied
3D Twill weave textured Carbon Fibre
Use this for pimped-up paint protection or to simulate real carbon parts
Thickness 0.22mm with backing layer & 0.18mm without 


3D graphic contrast, hi-touch embossed surface finish

The ultimate in flexibility and conformability to curved surfaces

Easily cut

High stretchable ability

Can be cleaned with detergent and water


Scratch resistant

Resistant to solvents

Easy cleaning & maintenance


Can be stuck anywhere - inside or out


3D carbon fiber



Heat resistance

-50°C to +200°C

Stretch rate

33+ pascal

Mask thickness before embossing


Glue material

German removable glue

Glue thickness


Glue weight


Gram weight of release paper

140gsm embossing paper

Thickness of release paper


Stand up against

water, dirt, grease, salt, weak acids oil etc


die cutting,car decoration,architectural decoration

Colors available



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