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2 - Matte Tape

Matte Paint Protection Tape
Use this for the ultimate invisible protection on Matte & Anodized parts

Thickness 0.22mm with backing layer & 0.15mm without


Matte Protection Tape can be used just the same as gloss tape but on matte surfaces this stops the 'shinny look' you get when applying other standard protection tapes.
These photos are of the 'Matte' Paint Protection Tape
  This is the Matte going on my Boardman Pro Alloy MTB, small pieces can just be stuck on without using the water slide method. Just peel back the backing layer and slowly stick down a bit at a time to avoid air bubbles.

  This is the Rhino Matte going on my 'bare' finish carbon road bike frame.
See how invisible the tape is once applied - you can hardly see it a few inchs away




Matte helmets need a Matte tape